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Fly Ash Brick Pallets

In the age of Green Living, Fly-Ash bricks (FABs) are the most eco-friendly and viable option. FABs are the future of green construction and DURECO has just the product for FAB manufacturers – DURECO FAB Plastic Pallets. DURECO FAB Pallets are made of fiber reinforced plastic composites combined with progressive technology on our end, giving the pallets enhanced stability & mechanical properties and also greater tensile strength – characteristics which are sought by all the FAB manufacturers.
The benefits offered by FAB sheets are listed as under :

  It is made out of fiber reinforced polyethylene / polypropylene with additives which gives superior strength to the sheet, preventing it from breaking or cracking easily.

  It does not chip, splinter, warp, deform or degrade.

  It is waterproof and can be used in saline water or fresh water without any damage.

  It is heat resistant up to 107 degrees.

  It is completely resistant to termites, borers, fungus and other microbes.

  It is resistant to most hazardous chemicals including conc. Nitric acid.

  Vibration has no effect on the sheets.

  It is very easy to handle.

  It can easily bear pressure of up to 300 Tons.


We provide a variety of sizes like 600 X 600, 1200 X 600, 1200 X 700, 1200 X 800, 1200 X 900. We can also provide custom sizes on request.
It is available in different thickness: 16mm, 18mm, 22mm and so on till 50mm.