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The name DURECO is an acronym for DUrable REcycled COmposite.

Recycling Services

DURECO takes in different grades of mixed plastic scrap, polyester scrap and metalized plastic scrap and our R&D department works on the formulation of recipes to be used as feed stocks in the manufacturing process. The recipes are utilized by our manufacturing unit into making different technical products, which have a variety of end-use applications.

Our Process

At DURECO, we take scrap or waste plastic from a variety of sources like industrial waste, post consumer plastics and also retail plastic scrap. The material that arrives with us is sorted into different categories and changed into a granular form which is then fiber reinforced and coupled with additives. The resultant composite material is used as the feed stock which is then subjected to hot compression molding.

The resultant durable recycled composite board has enhanced stability & mechanical properties and also greater tensile strength due to the coupling with additives and fiber reinforcement.

Why we do what we do ?

The feed stock consists of a lot of plastic scrap which would otherwise have to be burned because of their non-degradable nature and cause immense pollution. Our process involves melting the plastic and thus there is zero emission or discharge while solving the biggest problem posed by plastic : What to do with the plastic which can otherwise not be recycled ?

This helps us fulfill our pledge to make the world a cleaner place with lower pollution as well as helping us contribute to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.